Sunday, September 7, 2008

Moondance Stats

Moondance is a 1981 Tayana Vancouver 42 Center Cockpit - a cutter rig. It was built in Taiwan in 1981 and commissioned in 1982. She has a gorgeous teak interior with all of the usual stuff - two cabins, two heads (bathrooms), galley (kitchen), and main salon. She is a blue-water cruiser and meant to sail across the big oceans. Moondance will probably never win a race, but we will sail in comfort and in style.

In order to retire early, we decided that we would have to live aboard until we sailed away. So, we needed lots of interior storage. Moondance has it! We were able to move everything we wanted and needed aboard and continue to add more - almost daily.

One thing we really love is our bed - it is huge - approximately 10 x 6. Of course, that means lots of custom bedding. Thanks to Shirley, my Mom, we have a complete set of sheets, blankets, and bedspreads. I think we wore out her sewing machine! Mom also made the upholstery for our settee and chairs in the main salon. What would we have done without her!

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