Sunday, September 7, 2008

Searching for Moondance...

We had a great time searching for Moondance! We traveled from ABQ, to the west coast and all the way to the east coast. We saw so many boats - all different sizes, shapes, and colors. It was a whirlwind! Doug also did lots of surfing on the web, which was limited back then but did give us some places to look and ideas on what we wanted.

We found Moondance, which was Kindred Spirit at the time, in the Solomon Islands, Maryland. On our first inspection, she was covered with snow - unusual for back there. It was hard to really check out the exterior, but we did like the interior. She had a few things that were on our "not" list, but no show stoppers! So, we made an offer - very scary for us.

The offer was accepted (eventually) so back to Maryland we go. Of course, we didn't mind. We loved the Annapolis area - blue crabs (crab, crabs), great bloody mary's, and all of the nautical shops. We highly recommend it.

While we we were there, Moondance was surveyed and we went on our first Moondance cruise. With one exception, she was in fine shape. We re-negotiated our offer and purchased our boat - how exciting!

We hope this isn't an omen, but the first time we captained the boat (by ourselves) we hit a squall while moving Moondance to the boat yard. It was a little scary since we didn't know the boat, didn't know the area, and were not prepared - rookies. Doug actually ended up docking her with only one contact. The other one was washed away when the main sail dumped on him. Oh my!

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