Sunday, September 7, 2008

About the Scoots

Doug and I met and fell in love in Oregon 1979 - my sister, Becky, introduced us. After two sinful years of living together, we married. Two weeks later, we packed up and moved to Albuquerque, NM, where Doug had received a job offer at Sandia National Labs as an Electrical Engineer technician.

Doug's family homesteaded a wheat/pea farm in Athena back in the 1800's - they traveled from Illinois by wagon. One of his granddads was an Oregon State Representative; one was superintendent of schools in Prineville. Doug was the youngest of three kids.

My family originated in Texas and followed the iron working trail through NM, CO, CA, and ended up in Oregon - by that time there were 5 kids! My Mom and Dad both came from big Texas families - 10 siblings on each side. So, we left lots of kin behind, but some followed. We moved around lots - from trailer parks to nice homes to the groddy motel - it was all an adventure.

Scoots nickname: We got this nickname traveling by train in Mexico with best friends from ABQ. Our tickets were printed "Scoots" instead of "Scotts" and the name stuck.

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