Friday, September 12, 2008

Major Boat Work in Progress!

Finally, we can focus on our boat projects! We have set a date of September 15, 2008, to start our cruising adventure.

We have a huge list of projects to work on - most of them are in Doug's name (unfortunately)! A lot of it involves ordering big stuff that we will store on the boat until we get to Mexico. We are spending some serious cash!

The short list that has to get done before we leave the slip is:
  • Completely rebuild the fridge
  • Windlass (electric anchor winch)
  • Inverter (DC to AC)
  • Staysail and spinnaker sails
  • Bed (yeah)
  • Autopilot
  • More big batteries
Unfortunately, all of this requires lots of hours of installation. Buying the stuff is the easy part!

So far, Doug has only cussed a few times, but I am sure there is more to come!

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