Monday, October 29, 2012

Tsunami Watch!

Hawaii was informed last night about 7pm that there was a 7.7 earthquake off of the coast of British Columbia.

The Sheriff and Medusa
The effect - we were under a Tsunami Watch that was expected to hit Hawaii around 10:30pm.

Right in the middle of our Halloween party!

Fortunately, the Tsunami turned out to be a non-event - Yeah!

Lots of boats sailed out to sea - no one was allowed to stay on their boats.
Just starting the Party
So, we headed to high ground - the golf course up the hill.

We spent the rest of the evening celebrating life by partying and listening to the events on the local radio station.
Trick or Treaters

About 1:30am, the news reporters had given up - so did we - and headed back to the Marina.

The good news - the cruising community is amazing.

Doug on Tsunami watch
Everyone rallied together to make sure that boats were secured and people had a safe place to hold up.

Plus, cruisers volunteering to sail with people they just met - just to make sure that everyone was safe.

Proud to be a cruiser!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating a Birthday!

Doug's Birthday, that is. And what a wonderful place to celebrate - Waikiki!
Happy Birthday, Doug!

We splurged and spent 2 nights at the Marriott.

We miss those big beds and a bathtub. What a treat!
Kaki holding her own

We were lucky and got tickets for the sold out Oktoberfest at the Hale Koa.

So glad we did.

Kaki and Brad (dock buddies) were there too - trouble for sure!
Survived Oktoberfest!
Lots of Chicken Dancing, great food, drinking contests, and lots of laughter.

Not quite the same as Germany, but we had a great time!
Hawaii Army Museum

There's a great Army Museum in Waikiki and it is free.

The museum is housed in historic Battery Randolph on the grounds of Ft. DeRussy.

We learned lots about life on the islands before the Pearl Harbor attack and the people of the islands.
Surf Museum

A different kind of museum... The Surf Museum at Jimmy Buffets.

Cool boards and a great happy hour - can't beat that!
Shaolin Warriors

The Shaolin Warriors were playing at the beautiful old Hawaii Theater.

22 Buddhist monks from China put on an amazing show - high-flying martial arts and acrobatics.
Beautiful purple hisbiscus

We enjoyed the show, but Cirque Du Soleil is our favorite.

A great Birthday weekend for sure.  Wish you could have joined us - next time!