Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wild Times in Fiji!

Company came to visit - all the way from the USA - all 8 of them!
The Gang - so much fun!
6 from Washington State; 2 from Montana - a long way.

Lot's of pool time
They were WONDERFUL and we had such a great time vacationing with them.
Ring toss on the Conehead
The Gang rented a house at Musket Cove - Vale I Yata.

It sleeps 8 with a big kitchen and living area, a pool, and a great view of the Mamanuca Islands.

Goofy Games, but so fun
I would highly recommend it!

Pam and Annette kept us entertained by organizing daily games, plus a scavenger hunt.
The Relay Race!

Great competition with lots of laughing and celebrating.

We were definitely entertained!
Go Doug Go

There were also two very successful fishing trips.
Big Fish - way to go Gail and Annette

Gail and Annette scored big the first day out.

A big Mahi Mahi and a big Wahoo.

Mark and Keith had a good day too!

They were excellent eating!

Mark and Keith got Giant Trevally and a Walu.

Keith and Annette relaxing at the Island Bar
We had fish for days - prepared so many different ways.  Yum!

A great time at Cloud 9!
We also chartered a boat for the day to take us on a snorkeling/bar hopping adventure.

Koroi on Take A Break Cruises spent the day entertaining us and putting up with us!

Hamming it up at Cloud 9
Our first stop, Cloud 9 - the floating restaurant.

Nice form George!

Fun snorkeling and drinks and diving from the top.

Great snorkeling at Castaway Wall
Group Consensus:  We should have stayed longer or come back another day...

Next time!

Then, Koroi took us on a drift snorkel along Castaway Wall.

Lots of small aquarium fish, colorful coral, and no sharks (yeah).
Drinking Blue Drinks at Castaway

It was pretty amazing.

Fun Fun Fun boat day
Then to Castaway Island Resort for lunch.

It is located on the island of Qalito.

George ready to go

Good food and a gorgeous view, but lots of rules about where you could eat - interesting!

Checking out the Funky Fish resort
Last stop, drinks at the Funky Fish Resort back on the island of Malolo.

Funky is a cute little  backpackers resort that always take great care of the Yachties.

Josie and Sevu working on the lovo

What a wonderful day!
Gail and Mark - big smiles!

Josie, from the Island Bar, volunteered her husband, Sevu, to make a lovo for us - on his day off!

Sevu and Annette making Palusami's
In Fiji, a lovo is an underground barbecue in which the entire feast is cooked over hot rocks while buried in earth.

Sevu and Walter weaving baskets
Sevu and friends prepared the lovo for us, while we watched and learned.

Palusami's cooking on the Lovo
Making the Palusami's first.

Lots of fresh coconut milk, combined with onions, herbs, and spices wrapped up in Dalo leaves.
Baskets of food - perfect

Lots of work, but they tasted sooooo good.

Then Sevu and Walter weaved baskets to hold the marinated chickens.

Bula Phil!
Fish was prepared and wrapped in foil.

And everything was layered onto the hot rocks and covered with palm leaves and a tarp.

One hour later, the lovo was done and our baskets filled with the feast.

What a wonderful experience!
Exploring at the Sand Bar

We also visited the Sand Bar twice to do some beachcombing and snorkeling.
Blue Starfish - amazing
The Sand Bar is only visible at low tide.

Beautiful Danette

You can find lots of Sand Dollars and other shells, plus wade around checking out the star fish and the colorful aquarium fish.

Beach time
Even knee deep, we were able to see the sea creatures all around us.
Kayaking around Musket Cove

Loved the small little flounders (maybe).

You could only see their eyes and a puff a sand when they swam around - pretty cool.

George and the Pool Girls
Plus, there was kayaking, hiking, diving, shopping, a pig roast and Meke, and bar hopping (of course)!
Doug and Mark sizzling sausages

Whew - 10 days went by so fast and we were very sorry to see our company leave, but know that we will see them all again - soon!
Giggling with Annette
Thanks for coming to Fiji!

Love Carla and Doug 

PS: Now we are getting ready to go sailing - to the Lau Group. The remotest islands in Fiji. Going to be an adventure!
Towers of beer were flowing!

Pam playing in the pool

View from Castaway Resort

Mark skipping along

Company came to visit


Party time

Fiji Time!

Keith ready for dinner!
Watching the Meke at Musket Cove

Enjoying the Vacation

Checking out the orchids with Danette and Phil

Relaxing at the Zip line

View from the Momi WWII cannons

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Got a plan!

Cyclone season is "officially" over.  We made it!
Fiji Carving

So, now it is time to start making some plans for the cruising season.

You wouldn't think two retired people living on a sailboat in Fiji would have to have a plan - but we do.

Here's what we have going this year.  Of course, always subject to change!
  • May - Family and Friends coming to visit - yeah!
  • June/July - Sail south to Suva and onto the Lau Group - the most remote islands in Fiji.
  • July/August - Sail to Tonga or Wallis (French Island) - our yearly get-out-Fiji run.
  • August - Explore Taveuni and Vanua Levu and make our way back to Port Denarau.
  • September/October - Fly to the Washington State (USA) to spend time with the family (anniversaries, birthdays, Pendleton Roundup - lots of celebrating).
  • Then back to Fiji for some more fun in the sun and water!
For cyclone season, we have a hurricane mooring ball reserved in Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu.  We will spend some time on Moondance exploring, but are also planning to do some traveling - the easy way - by air.

We aren't  sure where we will go, but we are thinking of places like New Zealand, Asia, Europe - who knows.

Good thing we have lots of time to think about it!