Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wild Times at the Musket Cove Regatta!

We had a wonderful time at the 31st Annual Musket Cove Regatta.
Fiji Bitter Pirates

This is our first time at the Regatta, so we weren't sure what to expect but loved it all.
Musket Cove Marina - jammed pack

The Musket Cove Marina did an excellent job of accommodating all the Yachties.

We heard there were ~80 boats involved - anchored, moored, and squished into the marina.

Lots of boats coming and going all the time.
Dinghy Dress Up

Plus, we had a full schedule of parties, games, races, singing, dancing, and eating and drinking - of course.
Fun and Games

We spent so much at the Island Bar visiting with our buddies and meeting new ones.

It was a wonderful blur of fun, fun, and more fun.
Elaine and Doug racing the Hobie Cat

Some of the highlights -

Elaine (s/v Mazu) and Doug racing the Hobie Cat.  This was Elaine's first time on a Hobie and it has been many moons since Captain Doug was on one.

They didn't win, but they did complete the first round - so they were very happy.

This was a very competitive race and took 3 days to complete all the heats.  We saw some great racing!
Costume party - too cute!
Loved the "M" Costume Party.  All costumes had to start with an M and we saw lots of creativity.

Monitor Girl
Mario Brothers, Monsters, Mummies, a Mango Tree, M&M's, Mermaids, and so many more.  It was quite the parade.

Doug was a Manhole Cover; I was an IBM Monitor.  It is amazing what you can do with cardboard you find in the trash!
Race around Malolo

We joined Jenny and Dave on s/v Alexis for the big Race Around the Island - so nice of them to let us tag along.

It was another competitive race that involved lots of tacking through reefs and coral heads - yikes!

Doug squishing the sponge

We didn't win (and didn't come in last), but we had a wonderful time and enjoyed spending the day with Jenny and Dave. 

They are sailing back to Australia - we are going to miss them for sure.

Our friends on s/v Margarita won the multi-hull division - WELL DONE!
Moondance and a beautiful sunset

There was a full day of fun games - egg tossing, coconut bocci, crazy kid activities, tea bag toss, and more.

Doug's team - the International Team - won the sponge/water/bucket race - very fun to watch.

And that is just part of the activities and social events.  We are happy to say we survived!

Now, we are off to Texas to see the family and enjoy all the luxuries of the good ol' USA!