Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing tourist

Since we bought a car and aren't working yet, we decided to do some exploring - why not?
Diamond Head crater
We decided to head south and take the scenic route around Diamond Head and Koko Head craters. We highly recommend it!

It is a beautiful drive with lots of beaches and lookout points - I think we stopped at most of them.
Enjoying the view at Makapuu Beach

Sandy Beach

Oahu isn't a very big island - only 44 miles long by 30 miles wide.

So you don't have to travel far to see some amazing sites.

Big Hala tree
Of course, we had to check out the Kona Brewing Company (our favorite) at the Koko Marina.

Best nachos (with Kailua pig) we have had for a very long time.
Beautiful beach at Kailua

We kept heading east and ended our trip at Kailua - which we loved. It is a small town with beautiful beaches and funky hangouts.

Forget Waikiki - stay here next time you are on Oahu!

One of our lagoons
Then back to the marina and our lagoons, which are pretty nice too.

There are 4 lagoons lining the walkway along the big resorts.  It is a great place to walk and do some people watching!

Sunrise at the marina

So, life on Oahu is good. We are still unemployed, but getting closer. We have submitted lots of applications and been on several interviews. Not that we are too excited about being back at work, but it will be good when the search is over.

Hope you come and visit us sometime - promise to show you a good time!