Monday, September 20, 2010

Vacation Part IV - Alameda

Visiting Alameda and all of our Gate 11 Boat Buddies was such a treat, but it went way too fast!

Judy and Michael let us bunk with them on their beautiful sailboat, Milagro - we loved it.

We partied, played games, watched movies on their big screen TV, and spent lots of time just visiting.

Thanks Michael and Judy - your bunk on Moondance is waiting for you!

We have also got to spend lots of time with Steve and Ana on No Worries. Of course, it is never enough time, but it will hold us over until we all get back to Mexico.

See you there - it's going to be a hoot - promise!

We got to visit with lots of our Gate 11 buddies, which was wonderful. Even had time to throw one of our famous BBQ's.

Of course, we couldn't party as along as we used to - it was too cold and we are wimps and clothes challenged.

Several of our Boat Buddies are sailing on the Baja Ha Ha this year, so we enjoyed sharing our stories and tips. Hope they enjoy the adventure as much as we did.

Sail safe and looking forward to seeing you there!

Besides all of the socializing and visiting our old haunts, we completed all of our doctor visits, visited the French Consulate, and attended the Art and Soul Fest.

Dining highlights - dinner with our Amigos (and the endless box of Sake) at Couch Sushi and fresh Dungeness crab at Swan's Oyster Bar.

Miss all of our buddies and life in the big city!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacation Part III - Albuquerque

Well, it was a quick trip, but we managed to have a great time in ABQ!

We didn't get to see everyone we wanted to, but really enjoyed spending time with some of the old gang - we sure miss you guys.

Joe and Leah opened up their wonderful home and let us crash, plus made sure we were comfortable, well fed, and entertained.

Thanks, Guys, it is our turn next time - somewhere in the South Pacific!

While we were in town, we decided to resurrect the Scoots Invitational Golf Tournament, which was a hoot.

We haven't golfed for over a year, so it definitely wasn't about the golfing - it was just a chance to hang out with the gang. I know my team didn't win!

We also managed to eat lots of New Mexico chili on everything - love that stuff.

If you come for a visit, please bring us a batch. We promise to pay you back!

PS: For those of you that we didn't get to see - next time for sure!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vacation Part II - Texas

Texas - it really is like a whole 'nother country, but we still managed to have a wonderful time at the Family Reunion or as Brittany calls it:


Becky and Dave invited the Warren Clan to crash their new home in Plano, TX.

We all had a wonderful time splashing in the pool, playing games, eating, drinking, and lots and lots of visiting. Thanks Becky and Dave - hope we didn't wear out our welcome!

We were all happy to see Ryan (Lake Villa, IL) fly in for the family fun. All of us have missed him! He has been busy working two jobs and going to college and has turned into an amazing young man. Hope we get to see more of you Ryan!

Mom and Dad (Granbury, TX) contributed a lot of time and energy to making sure the house was ready for the gang, plus provided lots of home cooking - like Pecan Rolls - a Warren favorite!

We also got to join Mom and Dad in Granbury for a quick visit.

Lunch and a visit to the American Legion Hall for some Shuffleboard. Mom is the reigning Family champ, so be prepared for some stiff competition!

Eric, Anessa, and Gavin (Ruidoso, NM) brought the family 5th wheel along to make sure everyone had a bed and room to spread out, which we all appreciated - Thanks Guys!

Plano was having a heatwave while we were all there - I don't think it is supposed to be a vacation destination in August. Oh well!

We spent a lot of time in the pool, which is where we all love to hang out anyway. Gavin advanced from a Rookie to a Pro in a short time - jumping off the diving board, swimming without a life jacket, plus he is a pretty good shot with the Super Soaker - watch out!

Ken and Lisa (Amherst, NH) couldn't join us, but we were all ecstatic that Brittany could. We loved having her around - it has been way too long! Smart, beautiful, and funny - what more could you ask for in a Niece?

Phil, Danette, and Conner (Pasco, WA) joined us too! They are usually the ones that sacrifice their home for the Reunions - this year they got a real vacation!

Conner - our basketball star - has grown so tall. Can't believe you are going to be a Sophomore this year!

Our family loves to try new things - this year WhirlyBall - what a hoot! This game is fast and fun and dangerous. Becky was the winner with the most and biggest bruises; Anessa got 2nd place for flying out of her bumper car. The Red Team (my team) kicked some Yellow Team butt!

We all piled into the rigs and toured downtown Dallas. We had a great time visiting the Aquarium, JFK - Sixth Floor Museum, Holocaust Museum, and checking out the big city.

For more entertainment, we played Texas Hold'em and lots and lots of 42. Anessa and Doug were the big 42 winners and walked away with the Grand Prizes - Cowboy Rubber Duckies. How fun! Ryan also taught us how to play Disc Golf - we loved it, plus it was a wonderful way to sweat off all of those extra calories!

A special surprise - our La Paz amigos Barb and Bill came to meet the crazy family and, of course, they fit right in. We loved seeing them again and are looking forward to more fun times in Mexico!

Loved the Family Reunion and can't wait until the next one!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vacation Part I - Puerto Vallarta

It is only 273 miles from Maz to Puerto Vallarta, but it was quite an adventure which included:
  • 1 Go Cart
  • 2 Taxis
  • 2 Buses
  • 9 hours of travel
And, lots of tipping! We enjoyed the road trip though - we went up and down curvy mountain roads through beautiful jungle country - amazing!

Our buses weren't "premier" so are going to look for the fancy buses for the return trip, plus try for reservations so that we can sit together. Why not?

We stayed at the Flamingo Vallarta Hotel and Marina - very nice. Be sure to ask for the upper floors - great view plus very quiet.

We were a little overwhelmed by Puerto Vallarta (at least the part we saw). It is a big city with lots of tourists, hawkers, and very expensive.

Hopefully, next time we are in Puerto Vallarta we will get to explore the Old Town - we hear it is wonderful and cheaper - our kind of place.

We spent our time wandering around the restaurants and shops at the Marina. I think we could find just about anything we wanted to eat and drink - as long as we were willing to pay for it.

We had a good time in Puerto Vallarta, but we are glad that we decided to stay the summer in Maz!