Thursday, July 19, 2012

So excited...

Two of our best friends from Albuquerque, Kathy and Debbie, are coming for a visit - Yahoo!

It has been over two years since we have seen them and we have lots of catching up to do.

Our new stove - a beauty!

So, Moondance is getting spiffed up - it needed it.

We got way too much stuff.

So, we packed up clothes to Good Will, canned foods to the Food Bank, hauled junk to the Marina give away, and tossed a bunch - whew.

Old stove - yuck

Also, catching up on our maintenance projects.

Besides installing our new stove, Doug has been busy rebuilding our heads (toilets), replacing lights, fixing things I break, and more...

Checking out Secret Beach

I have been spending my spare time sanding, varnishing, and cleaning.

Rainbow Shower tree - beautiful
Moondance is looking good and we are ready for company.

We got a lot of fun things planned, places to see, beaches to walk, happy hours to find, and so much more.

It's going to be a hoot!