Monday, March 30, 2015

In like a lion, out like a lamb?

Well, we hope that's true for March and continues all the way thru April!
Weather chart - looking good!

March has been an active month - with lots of  systems, depressions, storms, etc. to keep track of.  Doug (Mr. Weatherman) has been a busy guy.

But, as of right now, Fiji is riding a big high.  Lots of cool, comfortable weather coming from the south with lots of sunshine.

Fine Fiji weather - we are loving it!
View from the top of Malolo Lailai - a beauty!

So, after 3 months, we finally got out of Port Denarau Marina.

Don't get us wrong, it is a great place to be, but we were ready for some island time.
Having some fun

So off to one of our favorite places -

Musket Cove on the island of Malolo Lailai.

Watching the sunset from our cockpit - ahhh
We were only there for 4 days, but had such a great time.  Surrounded by lovely people, beautiful water, and what a view.

Plus, Doug spent 2 days in the water scrubbing our bottom - it needed it.

Unfortunately, we had to get back to Denarau, but promise to return to Musket real soon.  We love that place!

Loving Flavio's

Besides all the weather watching and working on projects, we have been having some fun.
Just getting started

A group of Yachties splurged and had a wonderful event at Flavio's Italian Shop.

We spent over 3 hours drinking wine, eating, and socializing - what a treat.

Besides the wonderful antipasto, Flavio cooked a yummy pasta with a white truffle sauce, pan grilled beef tenderloin, ice cream, and finished off with a glass of Grappo.
Antipasto - yum!

All excellent, plus Flavio entertained us with his stories while he cooked - he is quite a character.

The meal (including wine) was $50 US a person, but we all felt it was a wonderful way to spend our money.

We plan on going back for dinner one of these days!

No shoes required

We also got invited to a 50th birthday bash for David who owns Yacht Help. It was a hoot!
BBQ - Fiji style

David arranged to have all the Yachties (and others) bussed to his place south of Nadi - what service .

Live music, lots of beer and spirits, plus a big BBQ - Fiji style.  Plus, we met so many new people.

So glad we went!
Celebrating Women's Day

Plus, lots of shopping, exploring, and socializing. We definitely aren't bored!
Happy Doug!
Now, we are getting Moondance prettied up for company.   It needs it.

Our best friends from New Mexico will be here in a couple of weeks.

Can't wait to show them Fiji!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

We are in the clear!

Tropical Cyclone Pam has moved south as expected and is out of Fiji waters - yeah!
TC Pam's projected path - watch out Kiwi's!

TC Pam is said to be one of the most powerful storms ever to make landfall in the Pacific.

It is currently heading to New Zealand, where it is forecasted to be a Category 2 storm.

We are hoping are friends down south are prepared.

TC Pam is still something to be afraid of!

In Fiji, we are still getting some of the affects. Winds are bouncing between 10 and 25 knots, plus some good rain rain storms fly thru. Lots of opening and closing of hatches.

So far, it seems there was very little damage to Fiji. We have heard of some flooding, plus a couple of boats broke loose and one sunk (derelict boat). But, no loss of life. Fiji was very fortunate.  Or as they say, we dodged a bullet!

Doug took this video yesterday from our boat, which is moored at Port Denarau. Watch out - it might make you seasick!

Between the Yachties and the staff at Port Denarau, we were kept well informed and well taken care of.  Thanks to all!

But, we are all concerned about the people and the islands of Vanuatu.  TC Pam was a Category 5 when it hit - yikes.

Reports are still coming in, but it seems to have devastated that poor country.  Fiji Airways has a 737 loaded and ready to haul in supplies as soon as the they get airport clearance from Vanuatu.  Hopefully, soon.

There are also lots of  charities being setup if you would like to donate...  Here is the link to the Australian Red Cross

Below are pictures of Vanuatu from the news - so sad.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tropical Cyclone Pam

TC Pam is growing to be quite the monster and we are watching her very closely.  It is a full-time job keeping up with all of the data!
TC Pam heading south west

We are currently moored in Port Denarau Marina - along with lots of Yachties.

We started feeling the affects of Pam last night. Winds have been kicking up between 15 - 30 knots and starting to get some rain.

The marina has been great about sending daily announcements and working with Yachties to make sure we have safety plan.

Plus, the Yachties gather nightly at Cardo's to commiserate and plan some more.
TC Pam's projected path

As of now, Pam is a category 4 cyclone and soon to be a category 5 - she just keeps growing.

She is projected to pass within 500 miles of our location tomorrow night - unless she changes her mind.

Wind and rain data here in Denarau
Our winds are expected to gust to 35 knots over the next couple of days and then start to die down Sunday afternoon (yeah).

All the Yachties were heading up the mangrove creek yesterday, but the weather didn't escalate as projected. 

We were expecting the marina to remove the "Yellow Flag" and all boats would have to evacuate the marina.

Instead, we stuck to our mooring balls and added more safety lines.

Plus, we had a little hiccup in our plan... A big barge had planted itself right in the middle of the creek - no way for us to get by.  Whoops!

After some discussion with the barge and the marina, the issue has been resolved and we will motor up the creek if Pam decides to head in our direction - hopefully not.

Other ugly stuff going on in the South Pacific
The islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia are expected to be hit very hard by Pam.

Thinking about all of those poor people... Hope they are getting advance notice to get to safety.

Besides Pam, the South Pacific is stirring up other stuff - oh my.

Hope it all dissolves - we have had enough excitement already!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Not all day, but almost every day we get a good rainstorm in the afternoon, which usually includes lots of lightening and thunder.  Crack, Crack, Kaboom!
Got the Shade Tree working!

We have our Shade Tree awning up, which looks funny but it sure keeps the rain out and blocks some of that sun.

Tootsie Pops melted pile of goo
We love sitting in the cockpit and the awning keeps us dry and cool.

Of course, the humidity still plays its part.  Like melting our stash of Tootsie Pops!
Re-bedding ports - again

And, of course, we got projects to keep us busy.

Doug has been re-bedding ports that were leaking. It is a very long process, but progress is being made.
Doug flying to Vanuatu
I have been doing my spring cleaning - polishing stainless, cleaning moldy canvas, and other fun stuff.

We have also been traveling. I had a quick trip to the States to see the family in Texas; Doug flew to Vanuatu just for the day to renew his Visa.

Throwing a birthday party on Carinthia
There and back in less than 6 hours!

But, we still have lots of time for fun stuff and hanging out with the Yachties.
Dinghy Parking
We are amazed how many are still around here during cyclone season - and more coming this month!

Beautiful Fijian Dancers
Almost every night an assortment of us meet up at our favorite watering hole - Cardo's.

It is fun just getting off our boats and sharing our stories and solving problems - mostly relating to our boats.
Enjoying Superbowl
They are a great group and so happy they are around!
Passionfruit flower - amazing!

So, we are doing just fine.

Still enjoying Fiji and watching the weather daily - just in case a cyclone decides to swing by. Hope not!

We are looking forward to April.

We have company from the USA visiting, plus expecting cooler and drier weather.

Yeah - we are exciting about getting back to Island Life!