Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ni Sa Moce, Fiji!

We hope to see you again, Fiji.  One of these days...

Gorgeous beaches

After 16 years, we sold our wonderful boat Moondance... To our good friends, Sue and Andrew, so we know that she will be well taken care of.
Last time on Moondance...

We were ready for the "next thing".  To move closer to the family in the USA and buy a trawler and motor our way around Mexico and the Sea of Cortez - one of our favorite places.
Hanging with our Besties!

Sad/Happy times for sure!

We spent a wild, crazy week getting all of our stuff off of Moondance, cleaning, organizing, and watching the Chicago Cubs - of course.

But, most important, spending time with all of our friends that we have made in the 3 years we have been living in Fiji.

Going to miss our mates, Jude and Grant

Porking out and laughing all the time!

Amazing people that we will always be in our lives - promise.

Besides our mates, there are so many things we are going to miss about Fiji...
And that beautiful water
  • Relaxing in our cockpit - looking at the beautiful water, the fish, the stars, and everything else that went by
  • Meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world - especially the Fijians that are so very special
  • Walking white sand beaches, hiking lush green hills, and swimming in crystal clear water, plus the funny blue starfish
  • Experiencing new cultures and eating exotic foods
  • And hanging out at our favorite bars catching up with all of the Yachties - like Cardo's, the Island Bar, the Sunset Bar, etc.

Lovely carvings
But, we will always have those memories (and the pictures) that will keep us smiling until we buy our next boat - hopefully very soon.
Touring the Capital

For now, we will enjoy the holidays with the Family in Texas, with a side trip to Florida to see the rest of the gang.

We also have a Big Wedding coming up.  Our nephew, Ryan, is marrying his sweetie, Catherine.  So happy we could be here to celebrate with them.

It is going to be wild and crazy fun and we are so looking forward to it.

Then, we head west to start searching for our Trawler - yeah!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and enjoy all the time you spend with your friends and family!

PS:  Below is a video of the staff at Cardo's singing the Fijian farewell song.  It brought lots of tears!