Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas...

From the crazy Warren clan in Texas!

Hope you and your families are having this much fun too. Happy Holidays!

Love Carla and Doug

Monday, December 12, 2011

Life at the fuel dock...

You know us, we can make our home anywhere - even at the fuel dock!

Turtle crossing
There is lots of sea life around us - leopard rays, beautiful coral fish, lots of turtles, and a big Tiger shark named Laverne.

We haven't seen Laverne yet, but keep feeding her scraps.

Sunset at the fuel dock
During the day, the fuel dock has boats coming and going, but not too many. At night, we have the place to ourselves - almost.

A couple of times, we have divers surprise us around 11pm. Bubbles against the hull are a little disconcerting when you aren't expecting them.

Our transportation
Since we don't have a dock, we decided to launch the dinghy to go to shore, plus adjust our mooring lines.

Much easier than trying to jump from the bow - at least for me. Doug is an excellent rower and even sings to me!

Christmas in Hawaii

We have been doing a little bit of boat work and lots of goofing off - of course.

We toured the village of Holualoa with Joe and Leah - lots of unique art galleries and one great restaurant.  A very nice day trip.

It is great to be in Hawaii during the holidays - lots of decorations, events, and warm, wonderful weather.

I know, quit rubbing it in!

We joined in the fun and attended the 27th annual Christmas parade - it was a hoot! All of the local charities, organizations, etc. had an entry.

Quinn's set up a table outside so we got to see it all - comfortably with a Mai Tai in hand.

We leave Tuesday for Texas to celebrate the holidays with the Family - YIPPEE!

It will be strange to be so far from Moondance. It has been a long time. New friends here in Kona will keep an eye on her for us, so we know she is in good hands.

In our explorations of Kailua-Kona, here are some of our "Best Finds". We promise to keep up the search!

Hamburger - Splashers on Alii
Homemade onion rings - Splashers on Alii
Fish and chips - Quinns on Alii
Mai Tai's (especially during happy hour 2 - 5) - Canoe Club on Alii
Seared Ahi tuna - Bite Me at Honokohau Harbor
Pizza - Kona Brewing Company on Kuakini Hwy
Sports Bar - Oceans on Alii

Friday, December 2, 2011

Enjoying the Land of Plenty!

It is hard to believe, we have been in Hawaii for over a week - time is flying by!

Home sweet home!
We are still moored at the fuel dock, but have been very comfortable.

The only tricky part - getting off the boat (especially for me). I am stuck on the boat unless Doug helps me off - it is a big step!

The locals have been very helpful and given us great tips for getting around the island, plus very friendly. Love it!

Touring the island with Joe and Leah!
What a wonderful treat... Joe and Leah (best friends from Albuquerque) are here. We have really enjoyed exploring Hawaii with them - thanks for hauling us around!

Place of Refuge
A highlight, visiting the Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park. Translated, the "Place of Refuge at Honaunau" - the most complete restoration of an ancient Hawaiian religious sanctuary in Hawaii.

Plus, lots of green sea turtles.

Hitchhiking around the island
We have been hitchhiking a lot and have met some very nice folks.  A great way to get around.

Unfortunately, we had a ton of laundry to do, plus provisioning, so we decided to rent a car for the week. Good choice - love that fast transportation!

Our neighbors - research vessel Machias
We were very lucky to be at the fuel dock when the research vessel Machias moored right next to us. Wonderful people that are working on some very interesting projects.

Kind of strange - side tying to them so they could fuel up. They are much bigger than Moondance!

Being in the "Land of Plenty" is strange after being so remote in French Poly. We have been shopping at all of the stores - even if we don't buy anything. What a treat to find everything you need or want.

Crossing the equator and toasting with Neptune

Our current plans are to stay on the Big Island until January and then sail over to Oahu.

We are flying to Texas to join the family for the holidays - very excited about seeing everyone!

Doug on his daily walkabout

We "think" we will be in Oahu until April or May and then will head back to French Poly (all subject to change of course).

Chatting with Evergreen
Our trip from French Poly to Hawaii we rated a "C Minus". Winds were inconsistent, plus big waves and currents made it very uncomfortable and unsettled. 

So grateful to Jamie (s/v Totem) for doing the weather routing for us!
Captain Doug - healing a bit...

In comparison, our trip from Mexico to French Poly we rated a "B Plus", much better.

Cruisers tell us that heading back south is tougher - I am not sure I even want to think about that now.

As we crossed the Equator, we raised a toast to Neptune, plus spread some of our best friend Steve around. I know he would have enjoyed our adventure - no matter how crazy.

ITCZ - so this is what they were talking about

For now, we will just enjoy Hawaii. We have lots of projects to keep us busy (and out of trouble), plus lots of beautiful places to explore.

Come and see us sometime - we would love to have you!