Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My Home Depot Guy - what a cutie!
Definition:  conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural. That doesn't sound like us, does it?

After sailing over 7,000 miles last year and having a wonderful adventure, it seems so bizarre to say that we are "normal".

Well, as normal as cruisers get anyway.
Still having a good time

We have bought a car (The Beater) and Doug and I are both employed.

Doug, as you can see, is hard at work at Home Depot.  We hope that he transitions to West Marine soon, but this will keep him out of trouble for now.
Kayakers off of Kailua

I am working at Henkels and McCoy (an engineering/ construction firm) doing my usual gig - projects and budgets.

I do like it - face paced, plus they have money!
Our Dock Party band - wonderul

We are really enjoying our dock buddies here at the Ko Olina marina. Almost nightly gatherings, plus we throw some good parties - with live music.

This is definitely a wonderful place for us to hang for awhile.
Dennis and Josh - Pearl Harbor tour
We haven't had a lot of time for touristy stuff, but Doug and Dennis took Josh (for his birthday) to the Pearl Harbor historic sites and let him spend the whole day.

They all loved it, but came back pooped. If you go, spend two days exploring - one day is not enough!

Colorful shedding tree
So, we might be normal, but we are happy. Plus, we are building up our cruising kitty for our next adventure.

We definitely want to sail to the South Pacific again and spend a couple seasons exploring Fiji and other wonderful islands.

Just taking a break for awhile. Hope you come and visit us and help us explore Hawaii - there is lots to see!