Monday, February 24, 2014

Enjoying time with the family...

And we are!  We have been in Ruidoso, New Mexico, ten days all ready - where does the time go?

The Collins Clan!
My sister Anessa and her husband Eric have taken such good care of us and we have had such a wonderful visit.
Gavin and Nevin

Gavin too - of course.

He has grown up so much since we saw him last year.

What a great kid, plus the Best Cat Ever - Nevin!

Cub Scout Leader and her Cub
The Collins have such a wonderfully full life.

Relaxing in Lincoln
We enjoyed being part of it - even for a short time.

We spent a day exploring historic Lincoln, which was made famous by the Lincoln Country Wars in the late 1800's.
Enjoying the wild wild west

We walked the streets where Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and all those wild cowboys fought and died.

We learned so much and we were all very happy we weren't around when all that fighting was going on!

Lots of Corvettes

A special treat was getting a private tour of a fabulous collection of antique cars and motorcycles - hundreds of them.

We were all dazzled by the cars, plus learning so much about their history. Amazing!
Eric showing us how we are supposed to swing!

Eric treated us to a round of golf at Rainmakers - what a course!

Beautiful views and challenging holes.
Pooped after so much golf

It has been a very long time since we swung a golf club, so we were very rusty.

But, we had a great time. Can't believe we are golfing in February.

Rainmakers Clubhouse has excellent food - we have eaten there twice. Ribeye steak, shrimp nachos, and more.  We highly recommend it!
What a view
We also gave a presentation to Gavin's school about our crazy life.  Showed them lots of pictures of  Moondance, the islands, and the wildlife we have seen.

Lesson - don't mention the Booby Birds.  Got lucks of snickers from the kids!

Southwest sunset - spectacular
Bowling, hiking, and lots of laughter.  So nice to be surrounded by family again. 

Plus, Anessa spoiled me by treating me to my first facial and massage.  It was wonderful!

But, as always, it is time to get going - sorry to say. We are heading to Texas next where we have 8 stops and lots of miles to cover.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our Texan relatives and friends, but we are wearing down.  A lot of time on the road for a couple of old folks!

PS:  Hope the Southwest gets rain soon - it is soooo dry.