Saturday, April 21, 2012


It is hard to believe, but a month has gone by since I updated our blog - time is flying by way too fast!
Valley of  the Temples - what a beautiful place
We are still working and adjusting to being on a schedule.

That's definitely a transition for a couple of old retired folks, but we are managing it.
Amida Buddha

Plus, we are still finding time to explore Oahu.

Our latest find - the Byodo-In Temple.

The temple is located in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park surrounded by the massive Ko'olau Mountains and it is amazing.
Lots of Koi

We rang the big gong and wandered around - the scenery is amazing and very serene.

Enjoying Lanikai Beach
Anytime you are visiting the North Shore, you have to check out the beaches.

Lanikai Beach is beautiful and very popular on the weekends. We are going to stay longer next time - lots to explore.

Plus, you have to visit the Kailua Town Pub - great food and a big draft beer selection - Doug's favorites.
Easter dinner at the dock

Our evenings are usually spent relaxing on the dock with our boat buddies - always entertaining and usually someone brings some good eats. We definitely found a wonderful home here in Hawaii.
Ryan playing in the pool

If you are looking for a solution for cleaning your dirty sails, Ryan has an excellent idea - soaking them in the wading pool. It works!

Almost ready to varnish

In my spare time, I have been tackling our forward head - which really needs varnished. So far, it is going well.  Next job - the galley - yikes.

I am experimenting with a new varnish that dries to the touch in less than 60 minutes.  When you are putting on 7 coats (both sides) that is a big plus.
Can't get enough of these

We are missing the islands of the South Pacific and the adventure, but know we will be back there soon.

For now, we are enjoying life in Hawaii - who wouldn't?   Come and see us sometime!