Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fun times with our Besties!

A Lady usually doesn't like to talk about "age", but sometimes you have to.
Our Besties!

Our Best Friends, Wanda and Steve, from Washington State came to spend some time with us aboard Moondance.
Wanda enjoying the view!

It amazing to think that I have known Wanda longer than I have know Doug. Over 49 years!

We met in 8th Grade - how cool is that?
Steve - Balloon Boy!

Steve came into the picture right after High School - we are glad that he did.
Our trip!

So, we gave them the whirlwind trip of Fiji - from Nadi all of the way to the end of the Yasawa Island chain (almost).
Love that clear water

And the weather was perfect. Which never happens when you have company in town!
Happy Birthday, Doug

We fished and did some catching, plus some catching and releasing (mystery fish).

Dolphins came to play around Moondance for awhile.

Never long enough, but such a treat.
Fish on!

Our first stop was off of Nanuyabalava Island - near the Manta Ray Island Resort - hoping to swim with the Manta Rays.

Enjoying the gorgeous water

The big rays were not around, but we did enjoy two days of playing in the water, Happy Hour on s/v Blinder, and touring the island.
View from the top of Blue Lagoon

We spent the next two days enjoying the beautiful scenery and water around the famous Blue Lagoon.

Lounge Lizards
And Happy Hour at the Nanuya Island Resort (of course) and catching up with the Yachties.
Birthday Boy getting his floaty on!

We celebrated Doug's birthday by lounging on the beach, playing in the crystal clear water, and meeting the locals.

We traded cookies and candy for drinking coconuts.

Good trade!
Gang at Malakati Village

Next, on to the Malakati Village on the island of Nacula.

Luki and son
One of the most beautiful white sandy beaches we have seen - amazing.

We negotiated for papaya, drinking coconuts and lobster - yum.
Off to the caves

Plus, we paid for Luki and his son, Ape, to take us to the Sawi-I-Lau limestone caves in his long boat.

A much faster trip than on Moondance.
Sawi-I-Lau Cave entrance

Luki got us to the caves early - before the tour boats arrived - perfect.

We had the caves all to ourselves for awhile - so quiet and peaceful and beautiful.
Going down into the cave...

Wanda and I decided not to go to the inner cave.

Steve exploring the cave
It required holding our breath and coming up on the other side and it was dark - not for us.

But, we highly recommend the cave experience!
Love those smiles

Time to get moving again - to Navadra Island for quick overnight stop.
Sunset at Navadra Island

We enjoyed the beautiful sunset along with a lot of other boats - the busiest we have ever seen it.
The Sand Cay

Next, a short stop for lunch and a snorkel at Sand Cay - just a small island covered with beautiful white sand.

If the weather is calm, you have to stop here. It is amazing!
Some beach time

We spent two nights at Musket Cove exploring the island, BBQ'ing and hanging out with the Yachties at the Island Bar, and relaxing.
Going to be a party

And, much too soon, it was time for Wanda and Steve to fly back to the States.

But, we made so many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Laughing, playing games, snorkeling, exploring, and eating and drinking of course.

Miss you Wanda and Steve, but promise to see you again soon!