Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work, Work, Work...

With some fun thrown in there just to keep us sane!

Doug has been busy. He has completed rewiring the starboard side of the boat (almost), which included adding in all kinds of new gadgets like... CO2 and propane sensors, GFI breakers, and more.

As you can see, Moondance is held together with a lot of orange conduit and cable ties!

Doug installed our new systems panel (ooh - ahh) and it has everything. It includes a new bilge pump monitor, a engine hour meter, and lots of other cool stuff.

At the same time, Doug is re-bedding the chain plates, remodeling the propane locker, modifying the exhaust system, and planning more cool things - like our wind generator, watermaker, diesel genset, and more.

Since the inside cabin is a wreck, I have been working on outside projects - like polishing stainless, varnishing teak, and general boat maintenance, plus growing an herb garden. It was wonderful to have Casa Ana's place to work on some of my projects!

We love having Odyssey as our boat neighbors, plus Jessie's Girl comes by for a visit once in awhile.

This is communications - boating style!

We have are still trying to include the social stuff like dancing at the Club Marlin, watching football games at the Tailhunter, Luche Libre wrestling, birthday celebrations, movies, dining out, happy hours, and anything else we can squeeze in.

Even with all of the hard work, we have decided to NOT sail to the South Pacific this year. It was a very tough decision (picture tears), but it is the right decision. This will give us chance to complete all of our projects and make sure they work - which is a good thing.

We will spend this year cruising mainland Mexico from Mazatlan to Acapulco. It will be fun - join us!

And, Yes, that is Jessie singing with the band!

And, this is me testing out the new lounge chairs. Are they comfortable? Can you get out of them easily? No and No!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Danette!

You are one lucky girl!

Love Carla and Doug

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