Monday, April 6, 2009

The Week in Review...

We had a good week and just wanted to share some of the highlights!

Doug passed his Technician and General Ham License test - Yahoo! Now, he can officially use the Ham features of the HF radio - whatever that means. He was pretty nervous about the test and studied all week. Doug's statement after he passed "I was sweating bullets"! Of course, he was not 100%. We had hung out late drinking Tequilia with the gang from Scheherazade - oh my!

Ana and Steve went on a road trip and we got to house sit for them. As you can tell, it is a rough job! This is he first time the crew of Moondance has slept off the boat since August - we enjoyed it, plus we did find some time to catch up on our laundry. We just might have waited too long - ya think?

Vive la Cultura! We attended a classical concert at the Teatro de la Ciudad presented by the Orquesta de la Escuela de Musica del Estado. The orchestra ranged from age 10 - 60 and played Brahms, Strass, Verdi and more. I know, us and classical music - hah! But, we really enjoyed it.

The local sailing club, Club Cruceros, hosted a wine tasting and art event as a kick-off to Bay Fest. Not a lot of wines to taste and not any great wines, but it was well attended and we met lots of new cruisers and had a great time.

Always something going on!

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jessehibdon said...

Glad to see that Doug is drinking beer. It makes for a more balanced diet. Beer, Wine and Mixed Drinks and Pizza or Taco's make up the 4 food groups.