Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 10 things to bring to Mexico - updated!

Well, at least it is our top 10 (okay, we can't count). If you are heading this way, you might think about adding them to your boat. They sure have helped us!
  1. Sea of Cortez Cruising Guide - this book is amazing - all of the cruisers love it. The waypoints are dead on, plus they include hiking trails, recipes, and more. Also, Shawn and Heather's book on mainland Mexico will be available Fall 2010.
  2. Keens or Tevas for trekking in the water and hiking on land.
  3. AIS - the ability to hail a ship by name at 3 am - priceless. If you don't know the ship by name, they probably won't answer.
  4. Dinghy wheels - a necessity.
  5. 12 V adapters for computers, cameras, or whatever.
  6. Portable invertor.
  7. Rechargeable batteries.
  8. Bruce style anchor - we had trouble setting our CQR.
  9. XM/Sirius Radio - we love listening to the Cubs games.
  10. Solar lights (bow and stern) - for nights you don't make it back to the boat in time to turn on the anchor light!
  11. Wonder Wheeler - these are great for provisioning, laundry, hauling fuel, etc. especially if you don't have a bike!
  12. External Wifi antenna (uni-directional and waterproof) - you will be amazed at how many places you will get free wifi - even in the bays.
  13. Pool Noodles and Chairs - these are wonderful water toys!
Hope this helps you. We are looking forward to seeing more of you cruising along with us!

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