Friday, April 24, 2009

Punta San Telmo - Baja Peninsula

After leaving Caleta Partida, we sailed / motored to Isla San Francisco - the North lobe. Check out who blew by us - the crew from Odyssey! We were cruising along - reading books, listening to the Cubs game, too lazy to put up all of our sails. Good job Odyssey!

At Isla San Francisco, we just happened to meet up with Laura, Patrick, Jack, and Rudy (the dog) on Just a Minute. A wonderful family we met in Mazatlan. Welcome to the Baja!

From there, we motored / sailed to Punta San Telmo where we spent two nights all by ourselves in the Northern anchorage. We fished, kayaked, and generally goofed off. Of course, the kayaking was quite the adventure. Did you know those tip over easily? Well they do - I spent more time in the water!

Manuel, a local lobster diver, stopped by with a fresh catch. They were excellent!

We kayaked over to the Southern anchorage and were excited to see Jim and Heather on Meerkat - what a small world!

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Anonymous said...

The fun continues! Good job you two!