Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter week in La Paz

This is a very special week for the locals in La Paz. Almost everyone takes their vacation and heads to the beaches for a fun-filled week - stores are closed, limited services are available, roads are empty - you get the picture.

We decided to check it out so Steve and Ana drove us to the beach at Tecolote. Along the way, we passed miles of beaches packed with cars, tents, people and lots of water toys. How fun!

On the way back to town, we stopped for paella and pizza at La Boheme.

That evening, Mike and Jeanette gratuitously shared their wonderful home (and big screen TV!) with us so that we could have Movie Night: Happy Texas entertained us all while we snacked on hot popcorn. It was a hoot!

We were invited to Fern and Brian's beautiful home in Centenario for Easter dinner. Unfortunately, La Paz grocery stores do not sell hams - at least not at Easter. Instead Fern made Lasagna - I swear, it is the best in town.

Thanks Fern and Brian!

Whew - lots of fun, plus lots of boat chores - we are pooped!


Anonymous said...

Great photos! You add so much to a party!


Behan said...

OK, not to go all gushy/girly on you but first of all- that picture of you two is GREAT and should be blown up & framed somewhere, and second- I utterly and completely covet your skirt, it's adorable!

I think we might be staying in San Blas another week. It's almost comical how unable we are to plan / stick to a schedule...but...I LOVE IT!