Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vuelva a Las Islas!

Yup, it is time to return to the islands - yeah! We have really enjoyed our time here in La Paz (again), but it is time to start heading north.

We have spent the last 3 days provisioning, stocking, cleaning, and all kinds of fun things. Doug actually made a BIG SCORE - Sierra Pale Ale! Doug hasn't had a microbrew since we left California. Life is good!

While we were in La Paz, we got to spend time with friends, enjoyed lots of good eats, danced, hula hooped (not) plus got lots of work done like...
  • Anchor windlass finished and added 300 feet of chain - anchor boy is happy!
  • Rebuilt the holding tank
  • Remodeled the water system and added a new water filter
  • Remodeled the aft head and mounted the generator - yeah - no more moving that heavy sucker!
  • Rebuilt the exhaust system
  • Lots of work on the alternator - hopefully it will quit eating belts
  • Got rid of some junk at the Junk Sale
Whew - we need a vacation!

We won't have internet access until May 1, when we arrive in Loreto. Loreto is north approximately 120 nautical miles. We hope to explore lots of islands along the way, plus catch some fish. The Yellow Tail are running, Grouper, Snappers and other good eats. The water should be nice and warm for swimming and snorkeling - yeah!

Good timing on our part - we are actually going to be in town for the Loreto Fest -another cruisers party!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Where did you find SIERRA NEVADA PALE ALE ? ? ?
That is "Jim's Beer"....
We will be right behind you.
Can we buy a beer or two off of you????

Anonymous said...

Congrats for making it away from the docks!