Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plans for the next 6 months...

Well, we haven't got to any of the details yet, but below is our cruising/vacationing plans for the next 6 months. And, Yes, we do need Hula Hoop lessons - immediately!
  • April 22 - Leave La Paz and head north to the islands to do some sailing, exploring, fishing, etc.
  • May 8 - Phil and Danette fly into Loreto to spend 10 days with us - Yeah!
  • June 15 - Dock and lock Moondance down in San Carlos, Mexico (mainland) for hurricane season
  • June 22 - Travel with Steve and Ana by car to Arizona
  • July, August, and September - Travel around the states in the Ol' Red pickup (we hope) visiting family and friends and finishing up some business stuff we left behind - please save a room for us!
  • August 8 - Mini-family reunion in Pasco, Washington (Phil and Danette's place)
  • October 15 - Back to San Carlos, Mexico to get Moondance sailing again
That's it so far and as always, subject to change. We are really looking forward to our vacation and to seeing everyone in the States again!

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Eric Collins said...

Nice hoops didn't even give us a chance to see you "hoop it." Hope your plans in the states include a trip to the Collins House....we have some chores already lined up! Ha. Eric