Thursday, February 14, 2019

Family and Friends make life so much better!

When we sold our boat in Fiji in 2016 (already!), I promised myself that I would keep our blog up-to-date.

Ethen and Kristina's Big Wedding
Well, apparently that isn't happening!

My Little Cowboy
Being in the States isn't quite as exciting as cruising the Pacific, but there is still lots happening and we are enjoying our lives.

Looking good, Pops!

Always something going on, company visiting, traveling, reunions, weddings, babies, work (yuck), sporting events, concerts, etc...
Deb and Kathy - always entertaining!

All the things we missed when we were living out of the country - now we are enjoying them plus all of the time we have been able to spend with Family and Friends.

Josh and Britt - Big Engagement!
Plus, exploring our new/
temporary home - San Diego.

Sisters Becky and Anessa with Mom
It is a great city with lots of history and lots to do - we are still only scratching the surface.

San Diego sunsets are pretty amazing
We are starting to build a com-munity in our little marina.

McEwen High School Class Reunion - finally

It has been a slow process, but it's finally happening.

Ryan and Catherine enjoying Cabrillo

Looking forward to summer returning so that we can throw more dock parties!

Fun and games on the Coronado Beach
And, working on boat projects - of course.  Not making as much progress as we should, but we are getting there.

Finally got her named!
We did have a "Big Revelation" last year - we are not Powerboaters - we are Sailors!

Our family keeps growing!
The sound of the engines just makes me crazy.

Turkey Trot with Larry and Christine
Our favorite times on our Tayana were when we turned the engines off - so peaceful.

Forever Friends!
It only took us 2+ years, but at least we figured it out before we headed south to Mexico.

Fishing Extravaganza!
So, our current plan is to wrap up our projects and put the Trawler up for sale.

The Warren Family Reunion
It has been a great water condo - just not our dream boat.

Karen and Doug - Big Hugs
At the same time, start looking for our next boat.  Thinking a coastal cruiser - maybe a Catalina.

Gavin and Eric - fish on!
Too funny - good thing I am married to a guy who knows a lot about boats!

Steve and Wanda roaming Coronado
Hopefully, this will all happen about the same time.

Ken and Lisa - Surprise!

We definitely can't afford two boats.

Christmas with the Family

As we have learned, life is always changing - you just have to roll with it!

Mike, Ashley and the kids
Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures from 2018 - in no specific order.

Big Kiss!

PS:  San Diego isn't as warm as we thought - hah!

Deb, Kathy, Doug, Mel and Elaine

Still hanging in there!