Wednesday, March 7, 2018

We are surviving the winter - hah!

I know, we shouldn't be complaining - it is San Diego and we do have very mild winters.
Beautiful Balboa Park
But, it is cold to us old people that are use to living in the tropics.
Catherine and Ryan @ Sunset Cliffs

We have purchased a heater, an electric blanket, and a de-humidifier. Oh my!
Enjoying beers and Ocean Beach

However, as I went through our pictures for this blog post, I decided to quit whining.

Sweet Panda!

We are at the beach in shorts and t-shirts and the skies are a gorgeous blue.

Doug and John checking out the tide pools
No more complaints from me - promise!

Plus, we are loving living in a "destination city" and having company on Moondance.
Lots of Flamingos

Our nephew, Ryan, and his sweet wife Catherine came for a second visit.

They are so much fun and so easy to be with - we had a great visit.
Funny Monkeys

We spent a full day enjoying the San Diego Zoo (2nd best in USA), touring the tide pools at Cabrillo Monument, hanging out in Ocean Beach, and lots of time at the brew pubs of course!

View from Point Loma
Plus, we were fortunate to have John, my boss from Sandia, join us for a few days.  Fun catching up with him too.

Come back again soon, please!

Our Besties from Washington, Wanda and Steve, came to visit too.

Wanda and I have been friends since 8th grade (amazing!) and she is such a joy to be around.

Steve and Wanda @ beautiful Coronado Island
Lots of laughter and catching up, pub crawling, plus some tourist stuff of course!

Historic Coronado Hotel - wow!

We drove out to Coronado Island (my first time) and walked along the beautiful white sandy beach.

Interesting creatures in the Tide Pools
And, the Coronado Hotel is amazing - so much history.  Out of my budget, of course, but we loved wandering around.

It felt so good to have my toes back in the sand!

Cool stuff at the Air & Space Museum

While touring the tide pools at the Cabrillo Monument we were fortunate to be invited to share lunch with some sweet people.

First time for Iraqi food - it was excellent.

Never say No to free food and a chance to learn new cultures!

Adam promoting cruising in Fiji

And, we strolled thru the Air and Space museum - lots of great history. There are 17 museums in Balboa Park - we are just getting started.

And, then, it was time to say Good Bye (I don't like Good Bye's).

See you next time Wanda and Steve!

Next, we had a surprise visit from Adam - manager of Vuda Point Marina in Fiji. He was promoted cruising in Fiji, which we highly recommend.

Nice to catch up with you Adam!
Ospreys are back!

Looking back on February, no wonder we didn't get any boat work done.

We were busy, plus there is that whole work thing...
Before company - oh my

But all is well here in sunny San Diego.

Hope the same for all of you.

Spring is just around the corner and more company is coming to visit.

We better get busy!