Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Festivals, a Birthday, and Lots of Baseball!

And more fun, of course!

We are enjoying beautiful Fall weather here in San Diego.
So pretty! (Thanks Kenny for the photo)

It is a little cooler at night, lots of dew on the deck in the morning, ocean temperature is dropping, and a few trees are changing color.

Other than that, it feels just like summer.  Good thing we don't miss the four seasons!
Enjoying the Blues

One of the best parts about being back in California - there is always a festival going on and we love them.
San Diego Blues Festival

We got lucky.  A friend at work won VIP tickets to the San Diego Blues Festival and didn't want to go.
We did and had a great time.

All kinds of wonderful blues, plus we like being VIP's even for a short time.
Not quite!

In celebration of Doug's birthday, we took the weekend off work - yeah!

 A pub crawl, a party on Moondance, and we attended the Adams Avenue Street Fair.
Land Ho

The Fair has been going on for 36 years, which is pretty amazing.

Lots of vendors, food, and over 80 local bands.

Fiery sunset

But, 3 days of partying wore us out - we must be getting old!
Nice to see Dietmar again!

Another reason we love being back in California is seeing family and friends. 

It has been a long time since we have had a "home" in the USA and have missed company just stopping by.

Dietmar (s/v Carinthia) came to visit recently. 
Paint does its magic again

We haven't seen him since Fiji days.  Loved catching up with him again - even for a short time.

It was fun spending time with Patsy and Tim (s/v Talion) too.  Last seen in Mexico in 2011.

Perfectly safe!
And, nephew Kenny (from Reno) came by for dinner an overnighter.

We have enjoyed the company for sure!

In our spare time, we have been getting Moondance prettied up and are happy to report, the guest cabin is done (almost) and ready for company.

It is amazing what lots of sanding and 4 coats of paint can do.  Of  course, our cabin is a mess!

Life is a beach
Doug is busy putting in a fancy new head/toilet, fixing the wiring, and all kinds of fun stuff - in his spare time...

Plus, fixing things that suddenly break. It is a boat, ya know!

And, it's time for Baseball playoffs - we love this time of year.  So many games, which means lots of time at the pubs. Go Cubbies!

We are thinking about everyone everywhere that has been in the path of disasters this year.  So many struggling.  Hoping they can get control over those wildfires up north... Scary stuff.