Thursday, September 7, 2017

You know you are Trawler Trash when...

Yup, we are definitely Trawler Trash.  Notice the patio furniture and our little outdoor Weber BBQ?  We have definitely transitioned to the "Dark Side"!
Patio Furniture? Really?

But, we are enjoying living in San Diego aboard our little Condo on the water.
Enjoying the Portuguese festival 

We still haven't taken Moon dance anywhere - just not quite ready.

La Playa anchorage jam-packed on Labor Day Weekend!
But we are very comfortable tied to the docks watching all of the other boats travel past us.  Our Condo has a gorgeous view!
Tracking down a leak

And projects are underway.

Some projects are on the list because of necessity (Doug's list); some are for the beautification project (Carla's).

Moondance is 33 years old and has some old systems.

So Doug is fixing things that break or leak, pulling out old wiring (there is a bunch), plus adding cool stuff - like my new electric head (coming soon - yeah)!

Our Cabin Before...

I have been doing the fun stuff - making Moondance pretty.
And After!

So far, I have painted our cabin covering up old stained teak veneer.

It took 10 coats of Kilz to cover the stains before I could even think of painting!

Then dyeing the curtains - that was an adventure.  It all turned out great - even Mr. Skeptical thinks so!

I am making my way to the forward bunk and head next...
Team West Marine

Doug and I are both working at West Marine and enjoying the discounts - cute couple, huh? 

Doug is also working at Suncoast Yachts, so he is a busy guy but enjoying the work.

He thought he knew a lot about boats before - now he knows even more.

Stop by and see him!
Always time to enjoy the sunset...

So, all good here in San Diego!

As we sit safely in our Condo enjoying good weather, we think of about all of the people that are suffering and at risk because of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, and the tropical storm that hit the Baja, plus all of the fires in California.

Be safe out there and help your neigbors!