Friday, July 7, 2017

San Diego - Starting to feel like home...

Gosh - it has been 3 months already since we purchased our "new" Moondance. It is crazy that time can be going by so quickly. We need to figure out how to harness time and slow it down!
Great seats at the Padre game

I am happy to report that life is going well for us and forward progress is being made.
Doug Scott - Official Yacht Salesman

Doug passed his State of CA Yacht and Ship Sales Person License - so he is qualified.  Over-qualified, actually!

Tunaman's Memorial
He is working for Suncoast yachts and seems to be enjoying the position. Call him if you want to buy or sell a boat - hah!

Cactus Flower???
Doug is also working at West Marine, so he is a busy guy.

I have been flying back and forth to Texas - family time.
The galley - big fridge included

Unfortunately, our current schedule means neither one of us have had much time to tackle the big Moondance Project List.
Our main salon

But, that is all right with us.

We have a big bed to sleep in, the propane system is working, and our full-size fridge is cranking out ice cubes!
Our big bed - ah the luxuries

Plus, we have access to all of the amenities of the Island Palms Hotel on Shelter Island.

Pools, hot tub, bicycles, and a 20% discount at the Blue Wave Bar.

Enjoying the sunshine
Doug is very happy man.

Beautiful view of the harbor

And, we are in such a beautiful part of the country.

We cross the street and have a million/billion $$$ view of the San Diego Harbor.  Amazing!
Fireworks over San Diego Harbor

Our "current" plans... I will go to work (hopefully at West Marine) in August.

I need to start making some Moolah to buy all those new boat goodies - like electronics, dinghy, engine, watermaker... The list goes on and on!
Art @ the Lafayette Hotel

So, we will be staying in San Diego until November, 2018, working and getting Moondance ready to cruise.

Then, possibly, join the CUBAR (Cruise Underway to Baja Rally).  A rally of about 50 power boats heading to Mexico.  We will have to think about that.

If you would like to do some Glamping - come and visit us!