Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sailing to Suwarrow - all ready

LATITUDE: 11-33.48S; LONGITUDE: 161-55.13W
Miles traveled in 15 hours: 86
Miles to Suwarrow: 121 (should arrive tomorrow - Friday morning)

You know us, we don't usually leave a place early, but this time we had to!

Well, we were rafted up with Evergreen yesterday and were very comfortable - getting ready for a nice relaxing evening. But, around 5pm the winds and waves really kicked up and made the raft up uncomfortable and unsafe. So, we untied and went out to sea.

We had thought of heaving to for the night, but that wasn't working very well. So, we just decided to leave a day early for Suwarrow and set sail around 9pm last night. Moondance wasn't quite ready for sailing, but we stashed and stowed the necessary stuff and threw the rest of the stuff down below to be sorted later.

Evergreen stayed behind and left this morning very early. They should be catching up to us any time. They were very helpful with our departure and giving us weather updates, which we really appreciated!

So, not quite what we planned, but it has worked out all right. We have had good wind and lumpy seas (as usual), but no squalls. Hope that continues for the rest of the trip.

Looking forward to being anchored in Suwarrow tomorrow!

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