Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 1 - Christmas Island to Manihiki, Cook Islands

LATITUDE: 00-20.00S; LONGITUDE: 158-17.69W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 148
Miles to Manihiki: 631 (should arrive Wednesday)

We are zooming along!

At first, we had a current that was pushing west - off our course. Now, we have a current that it pushing us south - we like that one. Our winds and waves are bigger than projected (of course), but Moondance and crew are handling it well.

We are adjusting to sleeping in shifts, eating "One Pot Wonders", and toning up with our boat yoga. Guess that is what crossings are all about.

Evergreen is close by. We have been talking to them on the radio at least twice a day and can even see their running lights once in awhile. It is nice to have company out here.

We crossed the Equator today - that is our third time. We shared a toast with Neptune - some fine 7 year old Cuban rum. So far, he doesn't seem to have appreciated the offering, he hasn't smoothed out our ride yet. Maybe later.

Miss everyone and hope you are all well!

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