Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Christmas Island - Take II

Yes, we are back anchored off of Christmas Island!

We sailed off as planned yesterday and the winds and the waves seemed to be in our favor (unusual, huh?).

We just were starting to lose site of land, when our boat buddies on Evergreen called and let us know they were having electrical/charging issues - bummer. So we all did a U-turn and headed back to Christmas. Moondance just might have boat parts on board that might help, plus extra bodies and brains that might be of some assistance chasing down the problem.

We hope that Evergreen's issues are minor and that we can start our journey south again soon.

Since we have already checked out of the country, we had to call Port Authority (Radio Christmas) and let them know that we were returning. They were very helpful and offered assistance if needed. Hope we don't have to pay all of those fees again!

It was a nice day for a sail and the spinner dolphins put on quite a show as they led us back to anchorage. Plus, did you see that moon last night? It was so clear here that, with our binoculars, the craters on the moon were huge - what a sight.

For now, we are settled into our favorite spot, with a view, and we will enjoy Christmas Island - again!

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Ana said...

Sounds ideal! So great to have friends out there when cruising!

Anessa Collins said...

Reading every post. Glad you are enjoying the adventure! Colwells send their love...