Monday, July 1, 2013

Christmas in July?

Well, Christmas Island that is. Fanning Island has been a great place to hang out and work on projects, but it is time for Evergreen and Moondance to get moving again.

Christmas Island is southeast of us and only 160 miles away (1 overnighter). It is supposed to be fairly calm weather this week, so we might end up motoring. That's ok too. After our wet and bumpy trips to Fanning, an easy trip sounds dreamy.

With all of the projects we have been working on, we haven't explored Fanning Island as much as we would like. Hopefully, we can squeeze some fun time in before we leave, plus we need to say goodbye to Bruno, Tabata, Fred, Mike, and the rest of the gang. They have been very good to us, plus we have enjoyed their company and hospitality.

Jib and cockpit enclosures have been restitched. They won't win a beauty contest, but they should get us to Fiji. Doug has been busy re-bedding our leaky mast pulpit, turtle (hatch enclosure), and anything else that might leak, tuning up the generator and dinghy engine, and more fun stuff. Laundry is done and the boat is cleaned and organized (kind of). We still have to check out of Fanning, and stash and stow everything, but that's it.

So, we are checking the weather and should be out of here Tuesday or Wednesday. We are ready to roll (and not rock)!

Hope everyone has a wonderful July and has a big celebration on the 4th. We are thinking of shooting off a couple of old flares, but that would probably get us in big trouble!

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