Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 4 - Christmas Island to Manihiki, Cook Islands

LATITUDE: 06-52.13S; LONGITUDE: 159-60.81W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 135
Miles to Manihiki: 224 (should arrive Wednesday)

Happy to report...

That we have had a good sail over the last 24 hours - yeah! The nice weather is holding with 12 - 18 knots of wind, fluffy clouds with just a few sprinkles, and the waves are behaving. We are trying to average 5 knots per hour (no more) in order to time our entrance into Manihiki for Wednesday morning. If we go much faster, we will be anchoring in the dark in a new place - we don't like that. It is a little spooky!

So, we have been doing a lot of R&R'ing (our dock buddies would be so proud of us). Lots of reading, relaxing, and resting. Evergreen is ahead of us about 20 miles - I miss watching their running lights at night. They kept me company during my watches. But, we have arranged to talk with them twice a day via VHF or SSB radio, which is very nice knowing how everyone is doing - keeps us connected.

Hope the weather conditions hold for the next couple of days!

Enjoy that beautiful full moon tonight - we will be for sure.

PS: I saw an amazing site. The constellation Orion rising from the east - parallel with the ocean - so bright and clear. Looked he was just waking up from a nap and ready to get busy crossing the sky. Wish I could have shared a picture with you!

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Anonymous said...

happy to hear things are relaxed and calm and you are resting up. Pops is fussing about our 100 yesterday while he mowed the lawn hot hot and more hot Love Mom