Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 5 - Christmas Island to Manihiki, Cook Islands

LATITUDE: 09-06.13S; LONGITUDE: 160-35.81W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 143
Miles to Manihiki: 87 (should arrive Wednesday - probably early morning)

Almost there - yeah!

You know, I was bragging about our beautiful weather in my blog post yesterday... Well, that will teach me! We decided to have a beer with lunch yesterday to celebrate (big mistake). Before we had finished, a bunch of big dark clouds built up to the East of us.

The 1st squall dumped a lot of water, plus stole our wind. We had to start our engine.

The 2nd squall was pounding rain so hard, it squashed it's own rainbow! It was the strangest thing to see. All of the colors of the rainbow on the surface of the ocean. Hope my pictures turn out.

The 3rd squall - lots more rain.

So, winds weren't a factor, just the rain. Moondance and crew got a good fresh water rinse.

Last night, during my watch, the squalls built up all around and lasted for a couple of hours. But, Moondance only got a few sprinkles. I am pretty sure that was due to my storm fighting outfit: my powder blue Gil jacket and white panties. Dead sexy for sure - hah!

Today, is a beautiful blue again. We are hoping that holds until we drop anchor. We really don't like anchoring at night, but might have to or hove to close to the anchorage. The winds are supposed to shift around soon and we want to get to where we are going before that happens. Fortunately, Evergreen will be there before us and will help guide us in if necessary.

It will be nice to stop moving for awhile!

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