Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wahoo - really!

We had a beautiful sail leaving Turtle Bay - spinnakers were flying. Just after take off, Doug caught his biggest fish yet - a 38 pound Wahoo. He was so excited. Of course, just as Doug was filleting our dinner, we busted our spinnaker tack line. That made things just a little too exciting for awhile, but Crit and Doug quickly doused the spinnaker and got us sailing again.

We sailed/motored to Bahia Santa Maria approximately 70 hours anchoring at 4am - yuck. We were all exhausted and quickly crawled into bed. Did I mention that anchoring at night is my second least favorite thing? Yup, right after fog!

Good thing we have a couple of nights to rest up!

Photos from the fleet on Flickr:

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