Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Room with a View!

And it is free - can you believe it! We wake up everyone morning to this view. Of course, a cruise ship shows up every day and blocks some of it, but we don't mind. We get to watch the parasails, the jet skis, and the water taxis go by. It keeps us very busy!

We have spent the week shopping, checking out the town, practicing our bad Spanish - Crit is definitely trying harder than we are!

Tomorrow, we leave for San Jose De Cabo. Not far, but we will be slipping into a marina for the luxuries of hot showers, power (maybe), ice, and all of those things we used to take for granted. There is even rumors of wireless internet - yahoo.

After that, we are going to meander up the coast. We are expected for Thanskgiving in La Paz at Casa Ana's (Ana and Steve Hall's Casa). Of course, we have warned them we aren't sure when Thanksgiving is or if we will actually make that date, but they are flexible. Thank goodness.

Did we tell you we are really starting to enjoy retirement? Crit has more experience at this sort of thing than we do and she says that we are definitely getting the hang of it. Of course, we are still getting projects done. We actually have speakers in our cockpit as of today - it is a miracle!

We are thinking of everyone and hope to see you one of these days. Promise to track you down if you are in the vicinity!

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Marsha said...

Looks like you guys are having way too much fun. Brings back memories of our trip down.