Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cabo Los Frailes or Who Moved the Car?

We had a nice quiet trip from San Jose de Cabo to Cabo Los Frailes. No wind and no fish, but still had a good time.

As you can see, this is a beautiful bay that the sailboats share with the fisherman. The town of Cabo Pulmo is close by. It is small, but has three dive shops and a interesting mix of folks - locals and transplants. This place is well known to divers and snorklers. Just off shore, there is a marine park and one of the few coral reefs in the Sea. Lots of sea life, including whale sharks, hammerheads, and other cool stuff. We didn't snorkel the reef this time due to weather, but promise to on the way back through in January.

We had plenty of stuff to entertain ourselves with. Between the locals, transports, and sailboaters, we had too much fun - which leads to the post title "Who Moved the Car?". After way too many margaritas, I was surprised to find myself on my butt instead of leaning against a car - which I swear was just there! The good news is that I didn't spill a drop of my margarita - what a girl!

We did some snorkeling (Crit snorkeled a bunch). We did some hiking, we did some fishing, and general enjoyed ourselves. We did find that mileage markers aren't very accurate around here. We were hiking to Mermaid cove and must have looked pretty pitiful. Some fellow touristas picked us up and gave us a ride both ways. We still got a pretty good hike in, but at least we didn't have to walk the whole way.

We are having a hard time leaving places, but after five days we decided to set sail/motor to Bahia De Los Muertos - another beautiful bay. I will post again tomorrow. We have been invited to Rainshadow for drinks, dinner, and some 42 (domino game) tonight. We have connected with some other sailboaters from the Ha-Ha and they are wonderful hosts and always include us - very nice folks. Should be fun!
A boy and his dinghy... This little boat is really an important part of our lives now and you can tell Doug enjoys it. It is our transportation, or delivery truck, fishing boat, and much more. The surf/surge along Mexico can be pretty intense, so landing on the beaches is always exciting and we usually get a little wet. We haven't tipped it over yet, but you never know!

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