Saturday, November 15, 2008

Puerto Los Cabos Marina - San Jose Del Cabo; La Playita

We have really enjoyed this beautiful place and have felt very protected - the cross above the marina really lights up at night. The marina is quiet, clean, and has hot water! We almost have a dock to ourselves - except for the pelicans, the great egrets, osprey, and the wild jumping fish.

We enjoyed eating and shopping in the town of San Jose Del Cabo - especially after the crazy tourista place of Cabo San Lucas. The town "centro" makes me think of what Santa Fe might have looked like 30 years ago. We ate wonderful guacamole (which is our quality test), homemade totopos (chips), and even found a brew pub - the Baha Brewery. Crit and I actually got to do some shopping, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The marina is actually next to the small town of La Playita, which is a small fishing village that has been here ~200 years. It has definitely grown since we were here in 2003 and has some good restaurant/bars, plus Marcella's - a great little market with ice and everything - all crammed into a very small space.

We leave in the morning. Our planned stops are Bahia Frailles, Bahia Muertos, and then La Paz. Of course, this is subject to change based on weather, whim, and availability. Our only timeline is to be in La Paz by Thanksgiving!

You probably won't hear from us until La Paz, but I could be wrong. Wont' be the first time!

Pretty crazy life, huh?


Anonymous said...

See you soon! So excited! Do we have to put Salsa on our Turkey?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Everyone!

I feel I'm getting to know you all besides Crit! It sounds like you're having a ball! Thought I'd let you know that it's supposed to be in the 30s in Denver toward the end of this week - not sure about T-Day, but nevertheless, I'll be jealous of your fine weather!

Hey, any problems with the Gangs of Mexico or anything like that??? I assume in the ports where the cruises come in, they keep a pretty good eye on things, but.... just curious.

Anyway, glad to see you're having such a good time - you all look great! Retirement agrees with you, and you have the best mentor going in Crit!!! LOL! Check you all later! Sharon

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