Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bahia De Los Muertos (dead) or Bahia de Suenos (dreams)

This is another wonderful place, but it is having an identity crisis. Muertos is named after the dead-man mooring system they used during the silver mining times. Now, they are trying to promote the place, but didn't think Bay of the Dead would attract the tourists. We will see if Bay of the Dreams does better. We like it just like it is.

Ana and Steve (best friends from Alameda) drove up from La Paz to see us two days in a row. They must have missed us - ha! It was great to see them, plus they took us to town (10 miles away) for provisioning. Good thing - we were out of everything.

As you can see, the sailboaters are great at entertaining ourselves - besides drinking. The macho men were fun to watch tossing their Bocchi balls. Of course, one almost hit Doug in the head, but that is a whole 'nother story.

Alas, our crew, Crit, jumped ship today and headed to La Paz with Ana and Steve. We are going to miss her - she has been a wonderful addition to the adventure. Hopefully, Crit will bring her sailboat, JASDIP (Just Another Shitty Day In Paradise), south next year and catch up with us.

Tomorrow, we are leaving very early for La Paz. There is a front moving in, so we want to get there ahead of the bad weather to make sure we don't miss the Thanksgiving festivities. Don't want to miss a holiday with friends!

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Heather said...

We hope you have a happy Turkey Day! We are here in La Paz until tomorrow then we are off to Banderas Bay. Have fun and see you around!

Heather and David
Cal 36