Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cabo San Lucas: Land-Ho!

We made it. Of course, we anchored at night (again) and didn't get any pictures of the cape, but we are here and it is beautiful!

The wind cooperated for a long time and we sailed for ~24 hours straight - very nice. We arrived in Cabo after 38 hours. It seemed longer since you can see land for a long way, but it takes forever to get here!

As you can see, we quickly adjusted to land and joined the fleet at the cantina party. We were over served and had way too much fun. No wonder they keep us on the boat for most of the trip!

So, we are moving pretty slow today. We have been in the same bar for 6 hours catching up on email, banking, and surfing the web. It is amazing to be connected to everything after traveling ~1600 miles.

Tonight - the final Baja Ha Ha party where we find out where we placed in the rally. I don't think we will be last, but I know we weren't first!

We plan on staying in Cabo for about a week. It is nice to be done with schedules. We can really start relaxing now. We just have to be in La Paz by December 1 - only 150 miles away. I think we can make that! Come and visit us!


Anonymous said...

looks that all is going your way, hopefully the nice weather and fun will prevail, mom/dad

ness_eric said...

between the 24 hour sailing and island over-servage I hope someone is sleeping! Eric and Ness