Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Totoya to Matuku

Well, after a rather exciting windy night at Totoya Island, we decided to sail over to Matuku Island - just 25 miles.

Moondance actually sailed! That's the good part. Unfortunately we had a little too much wind (15 - 30 knots) most of the time and some big rolly seas. But, we did just fine and managed to navigate our way thru the reefs into the Matuku Harbor.

We are anchored in 50 feet of water inside the crater of the old volcano surrounded by steep wooded peaks - so lush - along with 2 other boats.

No beaches inside the harbor, but it is supposed to be one of the best anchorages in Fiji. We hope so, because the wind is supposed to howl for a few more days. We are protected, but the wind still funnels over the ridges right thru the anchorage. We saw 29 knots - that's too many!

Tomorrow we will put the dinghy in the water and go visit the Lomati village and deliver our bundle of Kava. Several of the locals have been by the boat today waving with big smiles. I think we will like it here.

We would also like to do some exploring. The biggest village is on the other side of the island. Maybe we can figure out how to get over there to check it out. Due to the weather, we will be here for several days - might as well do some exploring.

For now, we are settled in and comfortable. Doug is cooking up some steaks and making a Greek salad. My job is to pour the wine. I think I can handle that.

Hope all is well where ever you are!

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Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

So you've got wind and we've got thunder and lightening! The weather gods are busy this week. Sounds like a great dinner and I like the way the duties were divided up between you two -- Joel always gets the wine pouring and I get the rest! Happy week ahead. Hugs from Greece!