Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Anchored in the Falaga Lagoon finally (Lau Group)

And we might never leave!

#1 - This is one the most beautiful and amazing places we have ever been to (can't wait to show you the pictures).
#2 - The pass into the lagoon scared the crap out of us. Waves surfing us in and a 4 knot current pushing us out. Definitely need to come in at slack tide.

I think we will just call Falaga home - hah!

But, we made it safely and are very happy to be here. It has only taken us 2 weeks to go approximately 330 miles. We do travel slow, don't we?

I did see my first Fiji whale as we made our way to Fulaga, plus a turtle swam by as soon as we dropped our anchor. Pretty cool!

We have friends that arrived before us and we are looking forward to spending time together and do some exploring.

Tonight, R&R'ing and a good night sleep.

Summary of our 24 hour trip from Matuku:
- First 12 hours - bashing into waves (15 - 20 knots)
- Second 12 hours - rolly polly (10 - 15 knots)
= Two tired old people!

PS: Wish we could have stayed longer in Matuku. We wanted to do some more exploring, plus we were just getting to know the locals. Jay and Mary sent us away with a care package of papaya, bok choy, spring onions, and more. So sweet of them. Guess we will have to go back!

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