Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Made it to the Lau Group

Not exactly the island we were shooting for, but we are happy to be here after 24 hours of motoring!

The weather predictions changed over night - something happening south of here we think. So, we decided to play it safe.

We are anchored in Naivaku Bay on the island of Totoya, which is part of the Western Lau Group. And it is beautiful - just like the pictures in the magazine - white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying, and a very lush jungle.

Totoya is a volcanic island about 5 miles wide, made up of a rim of a ruptured volcano. The crater is exposed to the sea on the west side and is now a huge lagoon - too deep to anchor Moondance.

Two villages are suppose to be located on the lagoon and one along the beach side, but so far, we haven't seen any people or lights anywhere. Moondance island? Maybe!

We would love to explore this island, meet the villagers, and check out the crater, but we need to find a more protected anchorage. The weather is just too unsettled.

So tomorrow morning, weather permitting, we are going to head over to Matuku, which is about 25 miles. It is supposed to have an excellent sheltered anchorage. We hope so!

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