Thursday, June 25, 2015

More Fulaga Time

Even though the weather has been unsettled and cold (73 degrees inside the boat this morning), we are having a great time exploring and getting to know the villagers!

We got dressed up and went to church on Sunday. Lots of lovely voices singing, a Fijian sermon, and pews - what a treat. We expected to be sitting on the floor! Afterwards, Joe and Tara (our hosts) invited us over for lunch: fish, cassava, flour/bread, and everything covered with yummy coconut cream. We brought chocolate cake stuffed we candy. So much food we skipped dinner - yikes.

Our friends, Karen and Cheryl (s/v Interlude) led us over to a nice beach where we had a big trash burning party, plus foraged for sea grapes/caviar. Karen added them to her salad that night - they were very good. It is amazing what you can find in the sea.

We have enjoyed spending so much time with Interlude - lots of cards, domino's, food, and wine of course. They left yesterday for the Northern Lau - looking forward to catching up with them again.

John and Lisa (s/v Orcinius) had given us a box of books and blowing bubbles for the school, so we delivered the box to the head teacher. He was very grateful for the contribution. The children enjoyed the distraction - peeking out the window and waving at us. Very sweet.

We invited Joe, Tara, and family out to Moondance for lunch. Unfortunately, Joe went out fishing and couldn't join us, plus it was a rainy day. We still had a nice visit with the rest of the family. We made things that were new to the villagers: hummus, lasagna, cornbread, and cheesecake. They seemed to enjoy them all, plus we sent a box of leftovers home for Joe. A very nice afternoon.

Yesterday, we hopped in the dinghy and went exploring the lagoon. So many beautiful beaches, clear blue water, and interesting rock formations. I don't think we will ever get tired of Fulaga.

The weather forecast says that we are finally started to get back to normal - sunshine and warm weather ahead - we hope. Time to have some fun in the sun, plus splash around in the water. About time!

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Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

So enjoyed your reference to temperatures. This morning our phone popped up and 'excessive heat' advisory for Kirkland. It was 65 at 4:50 a.m. which is rather hot for here but we laughed. After experiencing Middle East heat we now know there is a much higher bar for 'excessive heat' that what we have here in the Northwest! Keep the reports coming.

Linda said...

Hello, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. You have a lovely blog! I have always loved the water and would so enjoy travelling in a boat, it must be great. :)