Saturday, June 13, 2015

Still anchored off of Matuku Island

Even though we had hoped to be in Fulaga by now, we are doing just fine in Matuku.

Fulaga is only about 90 miles east, but we would be beating into the wind and waves (again). So we are being patient. Doug checks the weather daily looking for a two-day window, but the weather is very unsettled. We have even seen gusts up to 39 knots in the anchorage. Good thing we have a Big Anchor.

And, it has been cloudy and cold - in the 70's. Picture me bundled up in my hoodie and socks. Doug is running the generator and making water right now, so we will have hot showers tonight. Yahoo!

We have visited the Lomati village twice - it is a short dinghy ride from Moondance - just have to wait for high tide.

First time we went ashore, Doug asked for the Turaga ni Koro (village headman). We were taken to his home where we delivered our Kava and had a very brief sevusevu, which is the welcoming ceremony which allows us to visit the island and villages. We found out later that the Chief was in Suva. Oh well.

Plus, we met the local ladies club. They spend their days in the main building weaving these big beautiful mats out of pandanus leaf. The mats are used for floor coverings and sleeping mats, plus ceremonial wear. They harvest the leaves, boil them, dry them, scrape them, and then split the leaves into strips - size depending on what you are weaving. Also, to add color and designs to the mat, they bury some of the leaves in mud for days. The mats are a lot of work! I want one, but I am going to have to buy it. There is no way I can sit on the floor for days - I would never walk again - hah!

Second time we went to shore, we brought goodies. We knew the children would be back from their week-long boarding school, so we brought chocolate cake, toys, and some household goodies for the ladies. We were a hit and everyone was very interested in what else was in the bag...

The children took us on a walk and entertained us with their rock-throwing skills for getting fruit out of the trees. It looked and tasted like a very green apple and they called it "wei" and ate lots of them, plus put some in our bag. We are waiting to see if they will ripen.

We also got to meet the rest of the village. This village is small, but appears to be very prosperous and everyone so friendly - especially after the chocolate cake and toys!

Our neighbors in the anchorage, Jeff and Penny on Paws Time, invited us over for Happy Hour last night. It was fun listening to everyone tell their stories and adventures, plus Penny made yummy nachos. We haven't had those for a long time.

So, we are doing fine. Enjoying Sunday Funday, which will probably include a dinghy ride around the reefs - if the weather cooperates.

And we will continue to wait for our weather window... Wish us luck!

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