Friday, May 27, 2011

Voila' - pictures!

Yes, we made it and we are very happy to be in Makemo, Tuamotus!

Made it - Makemo

And what a wonderful place it is – a big lagoon surrounded by a coral reef. The coral reef is actually lots of small islands (motus).

The village of Pouheva is much bigger than we expected with stores, a restaurant, post office, and it is just a short walk away. Plus, the wharf – a free place to stay!

Land ho - Makemo

Our first view of Makemo – just like a postcard. The lighthouse, white beaches, and the beautiful water - an amazing site for cruisers who have been at sea for days.

Dennis and Carol enjoying the "aquarium"

The water around our boat is just like an aquarium – clear, colorful, warm water filled with lots of fish. And lots and lots of coral!

Relaxing in Makemo

As you can see, we settled right in. There is only room for 6 boats at the dock and we quickly met everyone. We had a very nice greeting and thoroughly enjoyed the free fish and bread that we received on our arrival.

Makemo kids

Most of the boats docked beside us are loaded with kids, which attracts all of the local kids. They are having a great time – as you can see. Plus, all of the cruisers are very generous with our goodies – fruits, candies, and tours of the boats. The dock is a great place to hang out!

Calou passing us and Ua Pou Island

We have been doing some exploring, plus working on a view projects. We are waiting for a slow-moving weather system to pass us. But, we don’t mind – Makemo is a very nice place to be stuck!

My view from Moondance

Tonight is movie night (with a dinner) at the local community center – can’t miss that.

Hopefully, Monday we will be able to move on. Our destination: one of the anchorages in the lagoon. We want to explore the beaches and do some snorkeling and fishing.

So we aren’t going very far, but are expecting wonderful things!

Dennis - Star fruit bounty

Below are some of the photos from our hike up to the Vaipo waterfall – an amazing place!

Resting after the hike

Vaipo Waterfall

Doug enjoying the waterfall

Tiki along the path

Carol - hiking to the waterfall

Beautiful surroundings


comitan said...

I guess you'll suffer through it. Ha! Ha! And we'll sit here in our paradise and be jealous.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

WOW!! Love it all!

Ana said...

Looks fantastic! It looks absolutely GREEN! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

so good to hear from you yesterday what a paradise you have found soak up enough of that green and blue for all of us Love MOm

Crit said...

Hola Doug and Carla! I of course have bee following and am somewhat green with envy but I too am in my own little paradise. I tell you this cruising life is the best. I am so happy that you had a great crossing and are now in Tuamotu. Those are some of my most sought after places.
It looks like there is no shortage of friends, food and festivities out there even in fairly remote places.
The pictures are great and that waterfall is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Thanks for keeping us all posted.
I have again created some sort of routine aboard Jasdip and am happy now. Shoulder is improving with very fewe folks to distract me from my mission. Take care, be safe! Critter