Saturday, May 14, 2011

Road trip!

We joined the Evergreen crew and rented a 4-wheel drive pickup for a jaunt around the island - and we needed the 4-wheel drive! These mountain roads/trails are pretty rough and steep, but we enjoyed ourselves.
At the top - ugh!
We wanted to drive all around the island, but we didn't make it very far.


The view of the bays and the mountains were spectacular, so we made lots of stops.

Church - Hatiheu
We drove to the small town of Hatiheu - a beautiful little town (on a beautiful bay) on the north side of the island.

Taiohae Bay - what a view!
And then, our big hike over to Anaho Bay and what a hike it was. It took us over an hour (each way) to traverse all of the switchbacks and there was lots of stopping along the way - especially by me.

Anaho - beautiful beach
But, it was worth it. Anaho Bay has a white sandy beach, a coral reef, and was surrounded by steep mountains. Everything you would expect and want from a South Pacific island.

Josh and Carol resting...
The water visibility wasn't great, so Dennis was the only one to go snorkeling. He said that there was lots of coral and fish. Of course, he didn't see the small shark along the beach that we spotted. Those things are everywhere!

This will be a wonderful anchorage to visit as we start our journey north to Hawaii this Fall, plus we still need to see the rest of the island.

We are ready to leave Taiohae bay tomorrow.  Daniel's Bay (Hakatea Bay) will be our first stop and another big hike up to see the waterfall (if I make it!).  Then the island of Ua Pou and on to the Tuamotus.  We probably won't have internet connection for awhile, but we will be able to update the blog (without pictures).  So stay tuned!

We wanted to share this message from our crew, Brian:  " I want to thank you again for the incredible opportunity and experience that the crossing was for me but as much fun as you 2 are my heart wasn't in it. Being home here with Fern I know my decision to leave early was the correct one. I love you both and will miss your company and if you're ever in La Paz you'll know where you can find me. To all you mariners out rock.  And for all you non-mariners out there, if you think it's an easy life, go get your head examined."   


Ana said...

Great post! I love that you are "really" seeing the islands. I also loved Brian's note!

Jeremy said...

Hey guys I looked up that island where you're at in google and it said "Look under 'no cell phone reception'" I believe it. Looks awesome as always. We'll be in Maui first week of October so hopefully we can meet up! BOOYAH!

Anonymous said...

You two are my idols, so much of this world to visit and there you are right in the middle pictures are fantastic and you are so fit! Take care all is well here lovev <p,