Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Leaving Makemo

Makemo has been a wonderful place to visit, but it is time to get going. Can't believe we have been here over a week all ready!

Doug and his helpers!
We thought about exploring some of the anchorages in the lagoon, but decided to head to the island of Tahanea instead.

Going to have to come back though, the snorkeling is supposed to be excellent.

Kids - very entertaining

We leave today around 4pm to catch slack tide through the pass and will do an overnighter to Tahanea - only 78 miles - so we will be there in the morning.

There is going to be a caravan of cruisers - 5 boats all leaving at the same time heading to the same place! 

Relaxing on the beach

It has been nice getting to know our dock buddies and have enjoyed watching all of the cruising and local kids interact and entertain themselves. Love hearing the laughter!

Trying to sink the kayak
To celebrate Memorial Day, we organized a dock BBQ. Well, we didn't BBQ, but we did have a good time telling our stories and explaining the American holiday to our French friends. Plus, a good opportunity to practice our French.

Nice place to be

We don't have a lot of information about Tahanea, but sure it will be just as beautiful. Looking forward to doing some snorkeling and exploring while we are anchored in the next lagaoon.


We won't have internet coverage again until possibly Tahiti. So no pictures for awhile, but I will be able to update the blog.

Hope you are all well - miss you!

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