Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tuamotus here we come!

Yup, we are finally leaving the Marquesas. We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and wonderful people, but it is time to get moving.

We spent 2 days exploring and provisioning in Baie d' Hakahua on the island of Ua Pou. We met the nicest native lady there - she picked and picked and sent us on our way with bags of delicious fruit, but wouldn't except any money. We will be sure to visit her on our way north this fall and repay her kindness!

Our amigos on Evergreen and Calou are traveling with us - we are bringing up the rear - of course! We are all headed to Makemo in the Tuamotus. This archipelago consists of 78 islands, all but two of them are coral atolls. Everything we read talks about the beautiful water, white sandy beaches, and excellent snorkeling. Of course, they mention the sharks too, but I am ignoring that part. I am such a chicken!

Our trip to Makemo is almost 500 miles. We should get their Monday - which is just 4 overnighters. After our last trip, this should be a piece of cake! Of course, we will really miss having Brian on board with us. He was such great crew!

We plan to spend approximately 1 month exploring as many of the islands in the Tuamotus as we can and then off to Tahiti. Looking forward to it all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi don`t buy too many of those pretty trinkets on the islands Moondance may not like the added weight I know you are making lots of memories can hardly wait for you to share love mom